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We are specialists in installing tarmacadam surfaces in Ballymena BT42 1, installing this flooring specification to many areas, including sports courts, roadways, paths, and driveways.

The macadam surface comprises stones mixed with hot tar and then laid out onto a prepared sub base.

Many schools, councils, and homeowners ask tarmac surfacing contractors to install these surfaces because macadam is extremely long-lasting, durable, and relatively cheap compared to other paving surfaces.

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Macadam Surface Uses

Macadam surfacing contractors install this specification for both commercial and residential outdoor areas.

The porous asphalt design is perfect for sport courts used with tennis, basketball, and netball. It gives the right ball bounce and slips resistance characteristics, along with being permeable, making it an all-weather surface.

We offer a range of tarmacadam MUGA designs http://www.tarmacadamsurfaces.co.uk/tarmac-muga/ballymena which provide durable playing qualities for numerous sports and activities.

Asphalt surfaces can also be used for car parks and driveways as they are hard wearing and can withstand heavy use from cars.

Many local councils often have roadways, cycle paths and access routes installed in coloured Bitmac to make the flooring stand out and enhance the safety of busy roads and public areas where children might be playing or running.

Please feel free to fill in our contact box and speak to one of our experts about the costs of installing an asphalt surface.

How Much Does a Tarmac Driveway Cost?

The different designs we offer can vary and include public roads, driveways, paths and multi-sports courts http://www.tarmacadamsurfaces.co.uk/multi-court/ballymena.

Prices for these designs vary, so don't hesitate to speak to us about any of these products.

Tarmacadam Surfacing Contractors in Ballymena

The advantages of installing Bitmac surfaces are that they are extremely durable and can be installed in different colours and designs to create a decorative area for kids’ playgrounds and outdoor recreational spaces.

Once installed, macadam flooring is straightforward to look after and typically require little maintenance depending on how the surfacing is used.

When tarmac is used for sports courts, they need to be cleaned regularly by brushing and occasionally pressure washing the area.

This helps to remove dirt and stop the MUGA court from becoming contaminated or flooded.

Tarmac surfacing contractors in Ballymena BT42 1 can carry out the construction and maintenance of these outdoor hard courts and flooring.

You should always do a background check on any macadam flooring installation companies to ensure that they have case studies of their previous work and that they are a reliable contractor.

This will give you the confidence that the final product will be good quality and long-lasting once the construction process is complete.

For more information regarding the different types of Bitmac surfaces you can have installed, please read through the rest of our website and get in touch and feel free to ask us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

You can send us over your details through the contact form, and we’ll give you some tarmac surfacing contractors’ product sheets along with a price quotation for any work you’d like us to carry out.


What is Tarmacadam?

Tarmacadam is a type of material used on roads, sports courts, driveways and a range of other areas. Tarmacadam surfaces may also be known as tarmac, macadam, asphalt and Bitmac.

The tarmacadam specification is a mixture of stone and tar, which creates a smooth surface for people to drive, walk, and play sports.

It is common for asphalt surfaces to undergo anti slip painting. A layer of coloured coating is applied to the surface to improve slip resistance and overall appearance.

This is usually done on sports surfaces and roadways.

Tarmac is a durable surface type that requires very little maintenance, making it perfect for various establishments, including schools, domestic homes and roads near me.

For more details regarding the tarmacadam surfaces, please complete our enquiry form.

Is Macadam the Same As Tarmac?

The difference between tarmac and macadam as nouns is that tarmac is a bituminous road surface. In contrast, macadam is (uncountable) a road surface made up of crushed stone layers, usually tar-coated for modern traffic.

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Tarmac Driveway?

Traditional, impermeable roads that do not allow water to run to a permeable area will require planning approval if the surface to be covered is larger than five square metres.

How to Lay Tarmac Near Me

No matter if you're installing a roadway, driveway or sports court, the method of how to lay tarmac is generally the same for each facility:

  1. Excavate the existing surfacing to the required levels

  2. Stone up to the correct depth

  3. Lay down the asphalt surfacing

  4. Colour coat and add line-markings onto the surface if necessary

How Long After Tarmac Is Laid Can You Drive on It?

You should not drive on your newly surfaced driveway for the first three days after the installation as a precaution.

The tarmac will still be at its softest during this time, and any heavy vehicular traffic could cause indentations and further tarmac damage.

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