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Tarmacadam surface colours in Cory EX22 7 are popular because it’s very cost effective to install as well as being durable and decorative with a range of macadam colours to choose from. The macadam specification can be used for both commercial and domestic uses in a variety of locations to create a long lasting and attractive outdoor surface.

We have installed this flooring type in many different tarmac surface colours for sports courts, commercial projects, driveways and urban roads in the UK. Popular tarmac colours for roadways, bus lanes and cycle paths include red and green because they stand out and enhance the safety of busy roads and access routes. Many sports facilities have multi sport courts http://www.tarmacadamsurfaces.co.uk/multi-court/devon/cory which can be installed with a variety of colour choices to suit different activities.

These different tarmac surface colours can be achieved by adding a pigment to the tar and stone mixture during the manufacturing process prior to installing the surfacing. However macadam sports courts often have the asphalt colours applied using an acrylic paint coating which is specially designed to have added anti slip qualities for different sports like tennis and netball. Individual line markings may be applied in different macadam colours to be used with a range of activities and sports. Feel free to get in touch with one of our experts through the contact form on this page. We'll offer you some professional advice regarding the costs for each of our products.

Coloured Tarmacadam Surfaces Near Me

The coloured tarmacadam surfacing can create a decorative and good looking outdoor area in many commercial and domestic projects. The bright macadam colours are ideal for directing traffic and outlining bus and cycle paths as well as access routes for domestic projects. Once the construction process has been completed, coloured tarmac lasts for a very long time and does not require much maintenance to keep it in good condition. For macadam MUGA courts http://www.tarmacadamsurfaces.co.uk/tarmac-muga/devon/cory we offer a wide array of coloured paint options with contrasting line markings to distinguish between sports.

Coloured tarmacadam surface is also a popular choice for kids’ playgrounds at schools and parks as fun markings and games may be painted onto the flooring to create a fun and engaging environment which enhances learning. Simple maintenance such as brushing and occasional pressure washing should be enough to keep the coloured tarmacadam clean and safe for use, it’s important to look after the floor properly to ensure it does not become cracked or damaged through heavy use.

For a price quotation to install coloured tarmacadam surfacing to your outdoor recreational area, driveway, roadway or commercial paving surface please get in touch with us. We have a variety of product sheets and case study examples of work we carry out and would be happy to send these over to you. Fill in our contact form with the details of your project and we’ll give you a price quotation based on an area size, site location and scope of works for the coloured tarmac installation near me.

How to Paint a Sports Court

  1. Use specialist tools to thoroughly clean the flooring so that the paint will not come away with any dirt currently on the floor

  2. Chemically treat the area to remove moss and algae

  3. Repair any minor damages like cracks in the tarmacadam surfacing

  4. Install a PU binder coat to strengthen the existing surfacing and help the paint to stick better

  5. Apply anti-slip acrylic coating using a specialist colour spraying tool

  6. Line mark the area with the sports markings which you require

We may install tarmacadam surfacing colouring to your sports areas to improve the overall appearance of your sport court and to enhance playing and safety qualities. Since we use a specialist anti-slip paint when colour coating the tarmac, the slip resistance of the surfacing is improved. 

What is Colour Coating?

Colour coating is the process of painting an existing surface using specialist tools and premium materials to create an aesthetically pleasing and much stronger surfacing. Coloured coating is often seen on roadways like bus lanes and cycle lanes, along with sport courts and even domestic driveways. Acrylic paint is generally used for tarmac surfaces and this provides an improved slip resistance which can therefore enhance the safety properties of the surfacing as users are less likely to slip and cause themselves injury. Colour coating in Cory EX22 7 may be installed in an assortment of different colours including blue, green, purple, red and many more. Not only does the application or anti-slip paint improve the look and safety features of the area, but it can also help to strengthen the existing flooring. For more details regarding the colour coating which is available for you sports court, roadway or driveways, please contact us using the enquiry form on the right.

Tarmac Colour Coatings in Cory

There are a range of tarmac colour coatings available for different establishments across the UK and we may help make the perfect facility for you. Whether you want your sport court coloured or a bus lane on a road, we are able to help you. Our tarmacadam surface colours are available at affordable prices and we can complete the colour spraying to a very high standard. Since we only make use of premium materials, you will find that the coloured tarmac will last a long time with little need for heavy maintenance.

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If you wish to speak to our professionals regarding the coating we can carry out, please make use of our enquiry form. Once we receive your message, we shall get back to you with more details on tarmacadam surface colours in Cory EX22 7 and the costs to install this anti slip paint.

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