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You can choose from a number of different tarmacadam multi-use games area specifications in Angus DD8 3 that we have to offer which each have varied characteristics that are better suited for use with individual sports as well as multiple activities.

Type 1 MUGA surfacing is ideal for tennis and basketball because of its ball bounce and slip resistance qualities, whereas Type 2 MUGA surfaces are perfect for netball because they offer slightly more grip and friction. Both of these porous tarmac multisport area surface types are commonly used as all weather courts because they let water drain away easily and stop it from puddling on a surface. We can also include coloured sport line marking http://www.tarmacadamsurfaces.co.uk/tarmac-lining/angus which come in a variety of designs to suit the activities and games you want to play.

Because of these all weather properties and the durability of the tarmac multi-use area specification, many schools and clubs choose to get macadam courts installed. The versatile design means that the tarmac may be utilised as an all purpose facility for a range of sports and physical activities. These organisations also choose macadam surfacing because of its low maintenance requirements as the courts only need to be brushed and occasionally jet washed to remove contaminants and keep the facility free from flooding. For more details on designs and costs of tarmac multipurpose courts, speak to one of our experts by filling in the contact form.

Macadam MUGA Surfacings Near Me

It’s important to consider what your primary sports are going to be when you install macadam MUGA surfacing for an outdoor facility, this will help you to choose the right specification of tarmac flooring. The Type 1 MUGA flooring should be installed where tennis is the primary sport, and Type 2 multipurpose surfaces are preferred for netball as a primary sport however both may be used as multi sport facilities. Acrylic non slip paint coatings can be applied to tarmac multisport area surfacing to enhance the playing qualities and give added friction for safety and performance. Additional line markings can also be sprayed onto the multisport court for a variety of sports in contrasting colours to make game scoring clear and simple.

Fences and Floodlights

Along with the macadam MUGA surfacing, it’s important to think about any extras you might want to have installed with the sports court. These could be specialist rebound fencing or outdoor sport lighting which enables you to use the tarmac multi purpose court outside of daylight hours, therefore generating extra revenue for your organisation. One of the most popular sport surfaces is macadam tennis courts http://www.tarmacadamsurfaces.co.uk/tarmac-tennis-court/angus which may be designed and installed to meet different sizes and individual budgets.

For a price quotation with regards to installing macadam multisport surfacing please get in touch with us and we’ll send you over some product specifications and some costs for the installation project. Let us know if you have any questions on tarmac multisport surfaces and we’ll give you some professional advice.

What is a Multi Use Games Area?

A multi use games area is a single sports facility where a variety of different activities could be played in one space. A MUGA can be installed in a range of surfacing types including artificial grass and polymeric, but tarmacadam surfacing is generally the most popular for schools, colleges and domestic homes that wish to play sports like tennis, netball and basketball. Multi use games areas are a great way to lower costs of sport facilities. Since many activities could be played in one space, there is no need to build more than one sporting facility for the different games you want to take part in. 

Multi Sport Court Cost in Angus

There is no fixed cost to build a tarmacadam multi-use games area, you will find that a number of factors can alter the price of installation including the size of the facility and the range of sports you wish to take part in on the court. Clearly the smaller the facility the cheaper the construction will be. In order to remain within your spending budget, our specialists can alter the size of a standard MUGA court so that you can afford to have a facility installed. Our contractors would be happy to speak to you in detail about the money you have available and how this can go towards the construction of a tarmacadam multi-use area near me. If you would like to play a large number of different sports on the multisport facility in Angus DD8 3 the price of construction will be more since more line-markings will be required; this means more materials and labour will need to be taken into consideration.

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If you are looking to have a MUGA installed, please fill in our contact form and we can offer you advice and information on the full construction. As experts in the installation of MUGAs and MUGA surfacing, we can create the perfect tarmacadam multi-use games area in Angus DD8 3 for you.

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