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The application of tarmacadam line painting in Doagh BT39 0 is carried out by sport surfacing contractors to create accurate game lining for a range of activities. Macadam MUGA surfaces are often installed at schools and leisure centres to be used for multiple sports in one place if the organisation has limited outdoor space available.

Tarmac line-painting should be applied to sport surfacing along with a full colour coating of anti slip acrylic paint. As experienced tarmac surface specialists http://www.tarmacadamsurfaces.co.uk/antrim/doagh we will provide you with all the necessary information you need include help with costs and designs.

Before carrying out any tarmac line painting or sports coating applications, it’s recommended that you have the surfacing thoroughly cleaned to get rid of dirt and debris which might be sitting on the surface. Doing this will make sure that the sprayed paint coating sticks well to the MUGA and the finish is even and smooth. You can have the tarmac line painted in different colours and designs to differentiate between the sports which would be played on the pitch. Please contact a member of our team today by completing the enquiry form on this page so we can discuss a quote with you.

Tarmacadam Marking Lines near me

The tarmac marking lines in Doagh BT39 0 are applied in acrylic paint which gets its non slip properties through a combination of sand and aluminium oxide that gets added into the paint. All of our sport court paint specifications are safety tested and approved by ITF, SAPCA and LTA guidelines so you can be sure you’ll get a professional quality tarmac sports surface. Tarmac marking lines should always be applied by a specialist contractor to ensure accurate dimensions and clear lining for each different sport. As there are a range of coloured tarmac designs http://www.tarmacadamsurfaces.co.uk/coloured-tarmac/antrim/doagh we can help you create the perfect look for your sport facility or outdoor area.

The design of your tarmac MUGA surface can have an effect on costs to install as well as other factors like the flooring specification, area size and location of the project. You should always take these different variables into account when coming up with a budget for the works, even if it’s just a simple tarmac line painting job. Please feel free to get in touch with us and let us know if you’d like some further information about tarmac marking lines or full colour coatings to a MUGA. Our experienced team will be able to answer any questions you have as well as providing a price quotation for any tarmac line painting work you need us to carry out.

What is Line Marking?

Line marking is the application of lines on a sport surface to make the court easier to play on. The line-markings allow the players to play the different sports on a court with accurate scoring. Our expert line markers can install line-markings in a variety of different colours to suit your individual needs. It is common for us to complete colour coating prior to line-marking to improve the appearance of the sport courts. Line-marking is an important process of the installation of tarmacadam surfaces, as players will need to know when the ball is out. 

How to Line Mark a Court

If you would like to know how to line mark a court, please have a look at the following steps:

  1. Thoroughly clean the surfacing

  2. Apply moss and algae treatment

  3. Complete any minor repairs that are necessary

  4. Colour coat the flooring if necessary

  5. Install line-markings

Our specialist line-marking company can undertake cleaning and painting prior to the line-marking if necessary. We will work alongside our clients to ensure they are pleased with the final result. For more details regarding the line marking which we complete, please fill in our contact form.

Sports Court Relining in Doagh

After you have had the court for a long time, you may find that your sport court needs relining. When carrying out our relining work, our experts will carry out a thorough clean prior to installing the markings. The reason why we clean the surface first is because the paint could get stuck to dirt on a surface if you do not clean it first; this means that the paint could come away with the dirt overtime. By cleaning the surfacing first, you will be ensuring that the line-markings will stick to the flooring near me. Our experts complete a high quality service and will be able to reline the facility in the colours of your choice. 

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Our specialists are more than happy to discuss relining with you if necessary. We can offer information on costs and prices of tarmacadam line painting in Doagh BT39 0 and the details regarding the installation process. 

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