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If you're looking to install a tarmacadam MUGA pitch in Killead BT29 4 for a variety of different sports, our team are able to offer assistance. The tarmac MUGA pitch specification is porous and very durable so it’s ideal for outdoor sports courts as it lets water drain away easily, making it an all weather surface which can be used continuously. This is a great quality to have for sport courts in the UK as rain can often lead to training and PE lessons being called off when other surfaces like natural grass become unusable.

The tarmac MUGA court has perfect performance qualities for sports like basketball, tennis and netball because it’s extremely versatile and long lasting. A coloured acrylic paint coating could be applied to the tarmac multisport facility to give it better slip resistance and to give the sport surfacing a unique and eye catching appearance. Tarmac surfacing is so popular for schools and sports clubs in the UK because it’s more cost effective than other multisport court specifications and does not require much maintenance to keep it performing well. Many schools and sport facilities will have a tarmac tennis court installed http://www.tarmacadamsurfaces.co.uk/tarmac-tennis-court/antrim/killead which may also be utilised for other sports and activities.

Carrying out appropriate maintenance for your tarmac multipurpose area will extend its life expectancy and prevent it from becoming cracked and damaged over time. Regularly reapplying the acrylic paint coating will also protect the macadam surfacing from fretting and keep it looking great for as long as possible. Make sure you speak to one of our specialists by filling in our quick enquiry form on this page to discuss costs for tarmac surfacing.

What is a MUGA Pitch?

A MUGA pitch is a single area which can be used for a number of different sports. Another name for a MUGA is a multi use games area. They may be installed in a range of surface types including macadam, polymeric, synthetic turf and needlepunch. The type of sports you plan on playing on the multisport pitch will generally determine the surfacing that will be installed. MUGAs can also be installed in a variety of sizes - you will find double courts and single courts along with full sized football pitches which may be utilised for hockey or rugby as well. A tarmacadam MUGA is great for establishments like schools and colleges, as they allow the students to take part in a range of sports without the need to install multiple sport facilities. 

Macadam Sports Surfaces near me

The design of tarmacadam MUGA sports surfaces can change for each different facility depending on what the individual client or organisation is looking for. Many tarmac multisport courts are used as all purpose surfaces for a range of sports and activities so line markings may be applied in contrasting colours for each different sport. However some macadam sport surfaces are used exclusively for one sport like netball, these courts can be designed specifically around that singular sport. We'll apply accurate sports lining http://www.tarmacadamsurfaces.co.uk/tarmac-lining/antrim/killead for macadam facilities to ensure a functional and effective multisport court.

Extra installations like fencing, floodlights and outdoor sporting equipment can all be included with a new construction of macadam surfaces help you get the best out from  the facility. Existing tarmac multipurpose flooring may also be renovated and resurfaced with a new layer of macadam or simply with a fresh paint coating to bring back performance qualities which may have been lost through damage. The design of your macadam sport surfaces is completely up to you and you can choose from many different coloured designs, as well as small sided courts to fit a smaller area size if you've got limited space.

We can give you price quotations and a variety of macadam surfaces product sheets to help you design the perfect tarmac multisport court for your school, sports club or private residential court facility. Please send us your details and we’ll give you some professional advice and an idea of costs for your particular tarmac multisport court facility installation project.

How Much to Build a MUGA?

The price to build a tarmacadam MUGA pitch can vary depending on various factors. The biggest factor which will alter the cost of a multi use games area is the size of the facility you wish to construct. Obviously if you're having a standard sized single court installed, the price would be much cheaper when compare to having a triple multisport court installed with lots of sport markings. Similarly, the number of sporting activities you wish to play on the area can also have an effect on the price to build a MUGA. The more sports you want to play, the more expensive the line markings will be, as we'll need to install more. Our specialists may also apply colour coating to tarmacadam MUGAs in Killead BT29 4 although this will make the construction more costly the end result will be dramatically enhanced. 

It is important to think about the budget that you have available before planning to build a MUGA. As a top rated macadam installation company, we are able to alter our designs and specifications to meet our clients' individual needs and requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you've got any specific requests, as we'll try our best to help you.

Porous Macadam MUGA in Killead

We can undertake porous macadam multisport construction across the UK to create high quality sport facilities that will cater for our clients' needs. The main advantage of porous surfacing for a sport court is that water can drain through easily, which means the area will not become flooded and unusable in wet weather. The permeability of the multipurpose surfacing means that the area may be utilised all year round. If you find that your macadam facility is starting to hold water or you see any cracks upon the surfacing, it is important to get this fixed straight away. Our specialists can carry out professional maintenance services to repair any damages on your court at a reasonable price.

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If you require more information regarding the multisport court construction which we can carry out and our other services http://www.tarmacadamsurfaces.co.uk/antrim/killead please do not hesitate to speak to a member of our team. Just fill in our contact form and we will reply with helpful advice regarding a brand new tarmacadam MUGA pitch in Killead BT29 4 and the costs to construct this.

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